Keep Tonya in Her Home!

Chase Bank, Freddie Mac & HUD Are Trying to Evict Another Black Woman in Detroitvzm-img_20160703_123958-2-11-1

HUD oversees Freddie Mac, who bought Tonya’s house for $300. Freddie Mac is who is trying to evict Tonya, but we say she is here to stay. Join us for a rally in front of the HUD offices.

Tonya Pace bought her home from her Grandmother in 2003 to keep it in the family. Tonya had been working with Chase Bank on a modification. The bank was wasting Tonya’s time and gave her the run around, doing the well known “bank paper shuffle” for 9 months. Without notice, they sold the house out from under her to Freddie Mac for $300 in October of 2015 and didn’t mention it to her for more than 4 months while they continued to negotiate with her.

We demand Freddie Mac work with Tonya to keep her in her home.

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