R.I.P. William Garrett

Mr. William K. Garrett died January 2, 2017 at age 71. We in Detroit Eviction Defense remember and honor him. We remember the struggle the Garrett family waged to stay in their home. This was one of our first efforts at home defense, January of 2012, and it was successful. The dumpster was prevented from being set down: cars and people in the street, blocking the way. The picket line at the bank grew militant as Mrs. Garrett laid her body down in front of the door to the bank offices: I am not moving and we will not move! Faced with an organized and determined crowd, the bank consented to a new offer: the Garretts wouldremain in their home.

Our supporters included UAW Local 600 and BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). Our ground troops included Moratorium Now, People Before
Banks and First of May Anarchist Alliance. Numerous working class and neighborhood people without organizational affiliation came out
to support the Garretts – we all knew that this was the way we could support ourselves.

The bank crisis of 2008 led to a housing crisis in Detroit. Massive numbers of homeowners faced mortgage and tax foreclosures. The fight to keep Detroiters in their homes led to the development of Detroit Eviction Defense. This past April we celebrated over 50 victories. The Garrett family was one of the first and led the way. In one of our more recent actions, the block party to defend the home of Jennette Shannon and her family, Mrs. Garrett and family members came to show their support. “You helped us keep our home, I’m here to help them keep their homes.” This spirit of relying on ourselves, of helping each other by fighting together is the glue that holds our
communities together.

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