Flagstar Bank: Stop Trying to Evict Barbara Campbell!

Protesters outside of Flagstar Bank in support of Barbara Campell

As Barbara Campell fights to survive one medical disaster after another — cancer, heart surgery, loss of kidney function and 3 strokes — Flagstar Bank is trying to evict her from her Detroit home. Now, after many promises that it wouldn’t do so, the bank is moving to evict Ms. Campbell, who’s a former director of the Girl Scouts.
Wheelchair-bound woman facing eviction was tricked into thinking mortgage was being modified as a medical hardship case, Ms. Campbell clearly qualifies for the mortgage modification she applied for in 2013. The bank servicer told her that she could stop paying during the modification review — & then suddenly foreclosed on herfor nonpayment. Flagstar had also promised Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence it wouldn’t do so.

This is the same type of action that brought Flagstar before the federal Consumer Finance Protection Bureau in 2014 for “illegally blocking borrowers’ attempts to save their homes.” Flagstar paid $37 million in penalties, and promised to stop denying loan modifications to qualified homeowners. Flagstar claims to be a Michigan-based “community” bank, but is actually owned by a New York company that Forbes Magazine described as a “Vulture Investor,” known for “picking the bones of crumbling companies.”

Help press Flagstar bank to stop eviction
Please Call Flagstar Bank at 248-312-5400 and insist they stop demanding this cruel & fraudulent eviction. Press prompt for Headquarters, and then request Tony Monte. Refer to Loan No. 0596526028.

Also, please also tell Fannie Mae, at 1-800-732-6643, that Flagstgar’s deception should not cause Ms. Campbell to be evicted. Home is at 1001 Covington Dr., unit #3, Detroit

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