Urealdene Henderson won home back

After Metro Property threatened, demanded huge payment Ms. Henderson had lived in her Detroit home for 36 years. She worked at Great Lakes Steel as a member of the Steelworkers union for 34 years, but after being diagnosed with cancer she was off work for three years.  She returned to workmore

Paramount homeowners stop mass eviction, win back homes

After we packed courtrooms, Pension Board meetings At a packed Circuit Court hearing in December 2013, Judge John Gillis set aside the Detroit Police and Fire Pension Board’s motion for mass eviction of 57 homeowners who had been defrauded by the now-defunct Paramount Land Holdings. The Judge restored the rightmore

Jennifer Britt fended off eviction, saved home!

Detroit’s Grandmont-Rosedale neighborhood offers key support Jennifer had paid $46,000 to save a Rosedale Park-Detroit home that’s worth $25,000; 100 people held dawn-to-dusk vigil for two months to prevent eviction. Detroit Eviction Defense organized house-to-house leafleting of the neighborhood, informing them of Jennifer’s problem and inviting them to call themore

Gregorio Martinez gets his home back!

During the year Chase Bank tried to evict Martinez, it learned that he could not be moved without a fight. After two marches, packed courtrooms and other popular pressure, the bank officially withdrew its eviction request. By working with HUD, Martinez finally got back his home at a reasonable pricemore

Alma Counts gets her home back, foreclosure stopped!

Alma is a paralyzed senior citizen on fixed income who fought being foreclosed on by Chase Bank and Freddie Mac, the federal agency that took over her mortgage. Even after the bank had pledged to modify mortgages and stop foreclosure fraud, it nullified Counts’ previous modification and doubled her payments.more

Kenny Brinkley Memorial

Come and celebrate the life McKinley “Kenny” Brinkley Sunday May 7 at The Blue Goose Inn 28911 Jefferson in St. Clair Shores 4pm – 7pm We’ll laugh, and dance (and cry) as we share music and memories. Music provided by many of Kenny’s friends and peers from over the yearsmore

We stopped eviction of Bertha & William Garrett

With quick dual action The Garrett family fell behind on their mortgage when the daughter was laid off and the father suffered a stroke. William is legally blind and disabled and refused to leave the single-story Detroit house where the family has lived for 22 years. How we won Whenmore

Rob & Debbie Henry fought eviction and won modified mortgage

The Henrys couldn’t keep up with their Bank of America mortgage after Debbie had a stroke and could no longer work full time. The value of their house had plunged by two-thirds, and the bank and its insurer had been bailed out with billions of taxpayer dollars. Yet it abruptlymore