Please Donate in Support of Kewana

Please Help Kewana Morton Save Her Home & Honor Her late Mother

Her mother passes during battle with predatory real estate scammer.

Kewana is fighting for her home and now must bury her mother. The emotional and financial stress of all of this is alot for anyone to handle. If you can help financially in any way, please donate here:

Kewana Morton thought she was on her way to ownership of the home where
she and her three children live on the city’s east side.

She had signed a rent-to-own contract in February with “Darel Lambert,” a man claiming to represent Meliquina Corporation, the company that owns the once-abandoned house. She believed her cash payments to Lambert would eventually bring her the deed to the home she was fixing up.

She learned otherwise when Midpoint Real Estate Services brought
eviction proceedings against her this June. As the real property manager for Meliquina, Midpoint says they’ve never heard of “Darel Lambert” and that Meliquina has received none of the money she paid to him.

“Darel Lambert” is one of many scam artists preying on Detroiters,
putting an ad in Trulia for the home he didn’t own, then taking
Kewana’s payments before dis-appearing. On top of this, her beloved mother passed just as the court issued an order for Kewana’s eviction.

Midpoint has now agreed to postpone eviction if Kewana can sign a lease calling for months of back rent on the home she has upgraded with new plumbing and flooring. Equally burdensome, her mother had no insurance to cover the steep cost of funeral services and cremation.

Kewana’s income as a hairdresser and house cleaner can’t match these
emergency costs. Her friends are raising money, and she’ll need whatever additional support she can find from people like you, reading this flyer.

If you need to send a check they can be made out to: Detroit Eviction
Defense with “Kewana Morton” in the memo line

And the mailed to: Detroit Eviction Defense P.O. Box 24999 Detroit, Mi 48224

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