2014 Tax foreclosure victims get back their homes

Four courageous homeowners refused to be evicted by investors

Proud homeowners display titles to the homes they fought to keep. From left, Urealdene Henderson, Mr. & Ms. Cruz Valdez and Kyley Givens. Photo by Terry Hall, Occupied Detroit Free Press

When four homeowners–Urealdene Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Cruz Valdez, and Kyley Givens — found out their homes had been bought out from under them at tax foreclosure, they courageously resisted being evicted by the investors who took over their homes.

Detroit Eviction Defense helped organize activists, neighbors, and union members to publicly back them in the courts and the streets in their fight to regain their homes. All four proudly brought their newly signed deeds to our April 25 meeting to share their victory with supporters.

Neighbors had stepped up to help, and supporters wrote and called the people and institutions that had taken their homes. Sometimes we picket the realty company, sometimes we rallied at the home and canvassed the neighborhood, often we packed the courtroom at eviction hearings, and sometimes we raised money at neighborhood fundraisers.