Angela Crockett gets to buy back her home

Fannie Mae stops eviction process

Long-time Detroit resident Angela Crockett and her son were foreclosed on by Citibank while participating in the Home Affordable Unemployment Program (HAUP), in violation of the rules. After years of fighting eviction in the courts with DED support, Angela finally got Fannie Mae to agree to sell back her home in March, 2016.

As Angela kept paying, bank foreclosed

HAUP was designed to protect and assist unemployed homeowners. Angela was laid off from her engineering position at Ford Motor Company. She returned to school and got a master’s degree in 2008, but couldn’t find work in her field, and fell behind in her mortgage payments.

CitiMortgage, as a participant in HAUP, agreed to stop foreclosure and collections against participants. Nevertheless, it foreclosed without notifying her, using forged documents, and continued to collect payments.

Fannie Mae planned eviction

Fannie Mae took over the mortgage and twice turned down Crockett’s offers to buy her home back at current market value. But Angela, her family and supporters didn’t give up!