Tenants & Renters Groups

No Rent Michigan | @norentmi | norentmi@gmail.com
Wilson White Tenants Coalition | wwtenantscoalition@gmail.com
Radical Ypsilanti Tenants Union | Radical Ypsi Tenants Union on Facebook
Detroit Renter City | Detroit Renter City on Facebook | detroitrentercity@gmail.com
Legal Services of South Central Michigan | lsscm.org | (734) 665-6181
Detroit Eviction Defense | @detroitevictiondefense | detroitevictiondefense.net
Villages Properties Tenants Union | on Facebook Grand Rapids Area Tenant Union | Grand Rapids Area Tenant Union/Unión de inquilinos del área de Grand Rapids on Facebook | togetherwearesafe@gmail.com
Greater Kalamazoo Renters Union | Greater Kalamazoo Renters Union on Facebook |
Lansing Tenants Union | lansingtenantsunion.org | lansingtenants@gmail.com
Ann Arbor Tenants Union | Ann Arbor Tenants Union on Facebook |

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