Breaking News: Brightmoor Homes Residents Post Eviction Notice of KMG Prestige Management

On December 1st Brightmoor Homes residents and supporters gathered at KMG Prestige offices to evict KMG for its incompetent management over a dozen years. They have failed to manage the more than 200 homes in a competent and timely manner.

During this holiday season one resident explained that her stove has not been functional since before Thanksgiving. Another has a front window that needs replacing. The list goes on and on.

The problem is that KMG does not maintain licensed maintenance workers so that even repairs that are completed are done in a shoddy manner. And on top of all the repair problems is the fact that office management has been disrespectful of the residents.

First residents and supporters gathered at the corner of the KMG offices with their signs. Cars passing by honked their horns in approval of the action. Later residents put up eviction signs on KMG’s doors and held a brief rally. Media from channels 2 and 7, Michigan Public Radio, the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press interviewed residents about their refusal to put up with the management company.