Brightmoor Homes Residents Make Demands of property manager and landlord…

Brightmoor Homes residents held a community meeting on October 24, 2018 to discuss problems they are facing. Representatives from KMG Prestige, which has managed the 200+ homes since 2005 and Northwest Detroit Neighborhood Development, the non-profit that constructed the homes, were there to answer questions. When it began, Brightmoor Homes was to be a “rent-to-own” model financed by the city of Detroit, federal low-income housing tax credits and other institutions. It was to offer residents affordable rents and the ability to purchase their homes after 15 years at an affordable price. That has not happened. Additionally many of the homes are in poor repair, with flooded basements, black mold, electrical problems and collapsing walls.

In preparing for the meeting residents hung red balloons with signs indicating repairs that have not been done in a timely and effective manner. All five phases of Brightmoor Homes need adequate, competent and timely repairs! Since KMG Prestige management doesn’t seem to be able to get its act together, it may be time to replace it. The demand is clear: No more shoddy repairs! No more delays!

Residents prepare to question KMG and NDND

The city of Detroit pledged to move ahead with transferring the warranty deeds to the first 18-19 families as a “pilot” project. Yet it became clear at the meeting that NDND is holding up the transfer to home ownership. Al Flannigan, NDND representative, claimed there are significant outstanding loans so if anyone gets a home, a portion of the total debt must be attached to that individual home—not just the $1,000 transfer fee the city has been indicated.

left to right, representatives from KMG, NDND and the City of Detroit

The Detroit News reported on the community meeting in a front-page story on November 5.

Just as with the Detroit News article, the Channel 7 News interview with Brightmoor Homes residents found them infuriated with how the management company failed to carry out needed repairs.

Brightmoor Homes Concerned residents are meeting to discuss escalating their dual-track campaign for getting repairs done and done well at the same time they want to move ahead on owning the homes that have been promised to them.