Cullors family saved their home of 23 years

Neighborhood march to Bank of America.

In response to an emergency call for help, neighbors in Detroit’s Rosedale Park rallied early Halloween morning, October 31, 2013, to defend the Cullors family from being evicted and having all their belongings tossed into the dreaded dumpster they discovered next to their home. The crowd delayed the wrecking crew just long enough for an Eviction Defense lawyer to rush to court and win an emergency motion to halt the eviction.

The Cullors family was targeted for eviction by Bank of America and Fannie Mae — but when the Cullors refused to leave and supporters packed the courtroom on November 13, the judge agreed to delay eviction. The protests convinced Fannie Mae to drop the case and send it back to Bank of America to negotiate a modified mortgage.

The Cullors now have a mortgage they can afford and are secure in their home — and are active with Eviction Defense helping other homeowners.

How this courageous family almost lost their home:

Jerry and his daughter.
  • Jerry Cullors is a retired bakery truck driver who lives with his wife and daughter and her 88-year-old grandmother (who suffers from Alzheimer’s) in a lovely home they’ve owned for 23 years.

  • When Jerry had to take steep wage and pension cuts to keep Wonder Bread solvent, the family had trouble paying the mortgage serviced by Countrywide, the predatory lender now owned by Bank of America. They were told they owed $180,000 on a home that would sell for less than a sixth of that price.

  • Neighbors turn out to oppose the Cullors’ eviction.

    Bank of America led the Cullors to believe they would qualify for a trial modification before denying them relief and suddenly bringing eviction proceedings on behalf of Fannie Mae. The Cullors expected to get help from their former lawyer and mortgage counselors, but found out at the last minute they were on the verge of eviction.

  • Bank of America has pled guilty to foreclosure abuse and is obligated to buy back mishandled mortgages from Fannie Mae and reduce principal for “underwater” homeowners — only after we put on the heat, did it do so!