Daryl & Lula Burke saved their home!

It had been sold in tax auction for one-tenth what they put into it

Daryl and Lula Burke had lost their home in 2014 tax auctions. They turned to Detroit Eviction Defense for support and won the right to buy back their home at a fair price.

The Burkes are lifelong Detroiters, and Daryl is a Vietnam veteran. In early 2014, shortly after falling into a coma and being stuck with a huge medical bill, Daryl had his Veteran Affairs pension check cut in half.

The Burkes got a foreclosure notice, but Veteran Affairs assured him they would take care of the back taxes.

They didn’t. On Christmas Eve, 2014, a representative from an investment corp. showed up at their home and told them that the company had bought their home for $5,500 in the auction – about a tenth of the money they’d put into the home. Under pressure, the company sold them back the home.

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