DPD continue to be the Muscle for Slumlords

Rosey White was illegally evicted by the Detroit Police in 2016. Rosey contacted the Detroit Police Department and the City of Detroit, up to the highest levels of leadership including Chief Craig and Deputy Chief Bettison. 

Those emails are below. This first one is a letter she sent directly to Chief Craig.

Rosey also contacted Bettison and filed a complaint with the Board of Police Commissioners, complaint CCR#68220. 


Rosey has been waiting more than four years for answers and justice. How much longer will she have to wait? 

This is the same Bettison, seen here in a FOX 2 interview from February, acting like he had never heard of Rosey’s case and denying that the police are doing illegal evictions when he knows that they do.

To quote Bettison from the above video, “Chief Craig has stated publicly and to our officers as well that we don’t do civil evictions.”  The Detroit Police Department has done, and continues to do these illegal evictions. Rosey’s case is not an isolated incident but part of a larger systemic problem across the department.