Tsehaya Smith is buying back home she saved from blight

In her fight to save her home, Tsehaya Smith (r.) created this beautiful banner that Jerry Cullors helps hold up.

On August 7, 2014, Fannie Mae, the federally-controlled mortgage company, agreed to dismiss the eviction case against Ms. Smith and hammer out a deal to sell her back her home.

Ms. Smith and her lawyer bargained hard for a reasonable selling price, and United Community Housing Coalition is chipping in with a loan.

Smith was threatened with eviction from her family home of 50 years just as the December holidays approached. With Eviction Defense help, she organized tirelessly and did a great job presenting her case. She had already paid Fannie Mae thousands of dollars, and put thousands more into repairing the home. The fight caused her stress and lost income, but thanks to our solidarity and Tsehaya’s strong stance, Fanny Mae’s terms came down to earth.