June 2013 event helped the Valdezs buy their home back

“In November of 2012, we found out that our home was sold at a tax auction and bought by Redford Investment. Our lives were turned upside down, and we were facing eviction. We tried to resolve it with the buyer; he in a few words told us that he was in this business for profit, and in my head I said, what happen to the words that his company uses to attract people: ‘Saving the neighborhood one block at a time.’

“I found out that they were only words used by sharks that prey on the less privileged. We were told that no one could help us, that no one cared, but we never gave up, then we met Mr. Robert Day and the members of Detroit Eviction Defense.”

— Rosa Cruz Valdez, who is now secure in her home, from letter she sent DED

Manuel and Rosa Cruz-Valdez have the deeds to their homes because they fought against eviction. Detroit Eviction Defense organized a fundraiser in June 2013 for them. And United Community Housing Coalition was able to help them buy back their homes with no-interest loans.