In the News

Tax Foreclosure:

12/29/17  • “Detroit’s Housing Crisis Is the Work of Its Own Government,” Mark Betancourt, Vice News

12/21/17  • “What gentrification? Much of Detroit is getting worse,” Joel Kurth, Bridge magazine

12/7/17  • “People are making big money kicking Detroit residents out of their homes, Antonia Hylton, Vice News Tonight, HBO

11/1/17 • “Wayne County’s tax foreclosure auction just doesn’t make sense,” Nancy Kaffer, Detroit Free Press

10/29/17 • “Facing eviction, Detroit families get unprecedented chance to save their homes,” Violet Ikonomova, Metro Times

10/12/17 • “Evictions destabilize neighborhoods,” Editorial, Detroit News

10/12/17  • “Owe taxes? That’s OK. Wayne County will still sell you foreclosed homes, Sarah Alvarez, Bridge magazine

7/22/17 • “Don’t Let Detroit’s Revival Rest on an Injustice,” Bernadette Atuahene, New York Times, Sunday Review

7/19/17 • “Detroit is razing houses with money intended to save them,” Steve Neavling, Metro Times

6/6/17 • “Sorry we foreclosed your home. But thanks for fixing our budget,” Joel Kurth, Mike Wilkinson & Laura Herberg, Bridge magazine

1/31/17 • “Detroit Homeowners Deserve Better,” Bernadette Atuahene, Detroit News

7/13/16 • “ACLU: Foreclosure process violates Fair Housing Act,” Michael J. Steinberg, Detroit Free Press

9/1/16 • “Detroit’s tax foreclosures indefensible,” Bernadette Atuahene, Detroit Free Press

4/21/15 • “Detroit Just Had the Single Largest Tax Foreclosure in American History,” Laura Gottesdiene, Mother Jones

10/22/14 •  One-Fifth of Detroit’s Population Could Lose Their Homes,” Rose Hackman, Atlantic Monthly

Land Contracts:

6/8/17 • “Dawn Wilson-Clark’s Tale of Two Detroits,” Sarah Alvarez, Detroit News

5/18/17 • “How to cash in on a crappy home. Step one: Find a sucker to sign a land contract,” Joel Kurth, Bridge magazine

2/29/16  • “Land contracts trip up would-be-homeowners,” Joel Kurth, Detroit News

Mortgage Issues:

2/16/18 • “Kept Out: Loophole in law for the poor spurs gentrification,” Aaron Glantz & Emmanuel Martinez, 680 News (reposted from Reveal)

2/15/18 • “Detroit-area blacks twice as likely to be denied home loans,” Aaron Glantz & Emmanuel Martinez, Detroit News (reposted from Reveal)

5/22/17 • ”Women and Subprime Lending,” see page 33 of Justice Doesn’t Trickle Down, How Racialized and Gendered Rules Are Holding Women Back, Andrea Flynn, The Roosevelt Institute and the Ms. Foundation for Women

Rental Issues:

1/18 •  Wall Street Landlords turn American Dream into a Nightmare, 50-page report, including 3-page summary and recommendations, authored by ACCE Institute, Americans for Financial Reform and Public Aid

1/22/18 • “Detroit cites six ZIP codes for rental inspections,” Christine MacDonald, Detroit News

10/31/17 • “Detroit council toughens rules for landlords,” Christine MacDonald, Detroit News

10/6/17 • “Detroit evictions: 1 house, 19 evictions, 1 fire,” Christine MacDonald, Detroit News

10/5/17 • “Persistent evictions threaten Detroit families, neighborhoods,” Christine MacDonald, Detroit News

6/15/17 • “Are you unable to afford decent housing? Welcome to the club,” The Guardian, Jjeomo Oluo

2/16/17 • “A registry will help fix abuses in Detroit’s home rental market,” Sarah Alvarez, Bridge magazine


9/27/17 • “Detroit goes after company for selling home to woman with thousands in unpaid bills,” Amy Lange, Fox 2 News

4/12/17 • “Belgium investors learn it’s buyers beware in Detroit,” John Gallagher, Detroit Free Press

7/11/17 • “Private Equity: The New Neighborhood Loan Sharks,” Chuck Collins, American Prospect

7/16 • “Toxic Transactions: How Land Installment Contracts Once Again Threaten Communities of Color, National Consumer Law Center, July 2016 (20 pages)


8/6/17 • “Speedy Detroit blight removal could be endangering residents,” Jennifer Dixon and Joe Guillen, Detroit Free Press