Scammers Harm Family — Who Needed a Place to Live

A woman moved her family into a Detroit house, paying a month’s rent and a security deposit only to find that the landlord’s promises to finish the work on the house were just that—promises. There was no working furnace and no heat! When she demanded that the elusive Big Time Home Improvements L.L.S. fulfill its commitment, they wanted her out, and even came to the house unannounced to show it to another possible renter!

The family had to move from what is an uninhabitable house, with significant black mold, leaking water in the basement, holes in walls and uncovered electrical outlets. But Big Time Home Improvements L.L.S. doesn’t want to return her money!

The City Inspector’s office considers the house a “vacant” property and encouraged her to file a police report. At this stage it is unclear whether the company manages or owns the property. If they do, she may be able to sue on the basis of a “constructive” eviction charge that could result in return of her money and possible damages. If they are falsely representing themselves, this would result in a fraud charge.

The woman came to Detroit Eviction Defense and we helped locate housing and emergency aid to be able to move into a secure home.

The family has been scammed! This case illustrates why registration and compliance rules for landlords is a positive tool for renters.