Update: Geraldine & the Fight For Her Home

Join Us: Thursday 2pm 7700 2nd Ave, Detroit, MI 48202

Picket is back on! A while back Detroit Eviction Defense put a call up for a picket, and we postponed it while Rev. Ross agreed to come back to the table to negotiate. We were excited to learn that Rev Ross finally agreed to sell Geraldine her home and land back for $14,200 and to complete the promised repairs to the front porch, roof, and back porch, as well as paying the back taxes owed. 

However, after weeks of silence, Geraldine finally heard from the Storehouse of Hope lawyer only to learn that not only had he not drafted an agreement in writing, he didn’t even know a meeting had occurred. Storehouse of Hope’s lawyer is now saying they plan on selling the house to Geraldine (even though Geraldine has still seen no paperwork), but the price may go up if the repairs are more.

These delay tactics are standard practice for Joan Ross. What is alarming is that Ross also threatened more than once to sell the house out from under Geraldine or to evict her when the moratorium is lifted. We are concerned these delays are more than just procedural but Ross has returned to radio silence. 

Join us Thursday, June 10th for a picket of the Storehouse of Hope Community Land Trust and it’s Director Joan C. Ross. We will be picketing the offices of Storehouse of Hope, Community Radio WNUC and the North End Woodward Community Coalition, which all have the same address. For more information check out our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DetroitEvictionDefense

We need to hold Storehouse of Hope and Joan Ross accountable and give Geraldine and her family back her home! 

For those new to this situation here is a summary: https://www.detroitevictiondefense.net/keep-geraldine-in…/

Here is Geraldine telling her story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awpiJ7VzhoQ

This failed project is presented as a land trust and a path to home ownership, but not one resident has gained ownership of their home.


The article above also has revealing quotes from Reverend Ross about this land trust that was funded by community donations.

Reverend Ross states, “This is not a justice situation. This is really, if you want to say it, a tenant-landlord matter.”

She goes on to threaten to evict Geraldine once the CDC moratorium ends, “We can always sell our property to somebody else,” Ross said. “Or wait for the eviction moratorium to be lifted and go that route.”

We invite anyone involved in community work in the North End, or anyone connected to Storehouse of Hope to attend the picket, talk with Geraldine, her neighbors and supporters.

The Trust between Ross who owns the Land has been broken with the Community. Give the Land back to Geraldine who is Trusted by the Community.