Words from a long-time Detroit Eviction Defense fighter:

Jerry, who fought and stayed in his home,

“When faced with the possibility of losing your home, here is something to be open to. First, we blame ourselves. Don’t. When you have been paying your mortgage and you are current and the banks the mortgage companies find a way to start foreclosure on
your home and others in your area, get legal help. Quit and try not to blame yourself. You have done nothing wrong. Stand up for
what you believe is right. After you have done everything you know,
do one thing, ask one more person. They may know something
or an organization that may help you. Just remember it is not
fought out; it is not through. So stand up and fight back and
do not walk away from your home. Your home is your fortress
of solitude. Defend it when you know you are right. All it takes is
one good person to stand up for what is right.”